Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Little More for Day 1

Jet lag should be on the CDC's list of communicable diseases. I swear I felt fine until Kendall said she was feeling a little jet lag.

Our flight from Atlanta to London was about an 8 hour flight. I definitely slept 7.5 of those hours. Kendall balled up like a 3 year old in the seat next to me and slept. She was a chinese contortionist in an earlier life. The plane food was not half bad. I expected a lot worse. Naturally, I ate every bite. There was cheesecake, what can I say?

Thanks to Dr. Burt and Anoop, we found our way from Heathrow airport to Russell Square on the tube. The British rail system is significantly older than the States' yet it is much nicer. Typical Americans...

Everyone met at Russell Square and we made the trek to the Mentone Hotel in Cartwright Gardens. This little part of town is awesome. There are several pubs close and neat stores located around every corner. There is even a fruit stand where you can buy a basket of mangos that are surely not grown anywhere near here. Our hotel is not half bad. Once again, I expected a lot worse. However, our shower does this alternating water pressure thing that turn showering in to an awkward dance. Mental images are hilarious, I know.

Venturing through the streets of London is a lot like walking about New York city only 100 times better. Dr. Burt gave us this article highlighting the damage done to London during the WWII bombings and it is odd to see a building built in the 1800's next to one from the 1960's. God must have really loved London during WWII because some of Britain's most magnificent architecture survived bombs that demolished buildings across the street.

The British Museum is probably one of the best London attractions for several reasons:

2. Unbelievable collection of history from the Rosetta Stone to the Picasso exhibit.
3. The architecture is stunning throughout the building. (Shocking, I know...)

We dove straight into the pub scene yesterday with two different joints. The first was around the corner from our hotel and was more the sandwich and chips place. The second was downtown and was legit pub food such as fish and chips. Dr. Burt had this steak and ale pastry thing that he proceeded to squirt brown sauce all over. I am thinking the Building Science department should import him a case of this stuff. I really should stop picking on him because he has taught me so much about my camera. Thank you Dr. Burt!

After the long day, I came back to the hotel and crashed. Everyone made fun of me.

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  1. I want to see more pictures!! I'm so proud you can work your camera! Can you link to Picasa album?? If you can, that'd be money.