Friday, May 18, 2012

Evening of Day 9 & Day 10

Sorry for the delay after I said I would post last night. Since I did not take too many pictures today I will combine today's post with last night.

We all met in the hotel lobby around 8:30pm last night to hop a train and walk up a mountain again. It was totally worth it. We went to the Catalonia History Museum and "The Magic Fountain". The fountain was another piece built for the 1992 Olympic games and it is quite a sight to see. Take a look at this beauty:


And Again...

One last time for effect...

I had some great video of the fountain but I had my camera saving it in the wrong format. Sorry guys! The entire show is pretty amazing. This is the most people in one place that I have seen so far in Barcelona. Take a look at the Catalonian History Museum:

Here is a view of the all the fountains in front of the museum:

A view from up top of the Magic Fountain square:

Let me just say that Europeans love American music. The fountain show had Celine Dion and the theme song from E.T. We also went to a pub last night where the DJ only played American music and the place was bumpin!

Today we went to Tarragona, Spain. There are some Roman ruins there that were built by Julius Caesar. Take a look:

Oh well hello there Mediterranean Sea..

Hit me one more time...

We leave tomorrow morning at 5am for Rome and I am not ready. Barcelona has been absolutely amazing and I have enjoyed every second of it. Here are my top 8 things to do in Barcelona:

8. Experience the night life at least one night
7. Parc Guell
6. St. Josep la Boqueria
5. Cyclo Tour of Barcelona
4. Drink an Estrella while walking down the beach
3. La Pedrera
2. The Magic Fountain
1. Sagrada Familia

This song sums it up on how I feel about Barcelona. Dad, I can now say, "I have been to Spain and I love the music".

See you all in Rome!

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