Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 6 - What a Bust

So today in London was meant for doing interviews with industry professionals in our chosen thesis topic. Mine is the use of shipping containers in modular construction. I found this awesome company, Urban Space Management, who specializes in using shipping containers. They have even build a small town out of them in the East Docklands. After several attempts at contacting them, I decided to just show up at their office and work my southern charm. As I have been told by Alana many times, I am not so charming. They pretty much told me to piss off (this is a much nicer version of what they actually said). So after an hour and a half train ride to Egypt, all I got were a few post cards and pictures. Check it out:

Pretty cool, right? Well, I think so at least. I am not going to give up Urban Space Management. I may try to get up with their office in New York and continue emailing the snobs who turned me away today. So everyone cross your fingers that I get some interviews for my thesis.

So after, 3 hours of total travel, 1.5 hours of walking, and an immense amount of time reading train maps, I made it back to our hotel for a late lunch and to go do my laundry. You know how men never read directions? Well, I suffer from it too from time to time. It is from the many projects done with dear ole Dad where we didn't read the directions that taught me to read them. However, today got the best of me when I didn't realize I had to put my clothes in the washer before paying the machine. It was only written on a huge yellow sign above me. Total waste of 4 pounds (the british currency, I do not have the symbol on my mac). Nevertheless, I got my laundry (without the help of Sara or Lou, shocking I know since I haven't done my own laundry in 4 years) done and am almost all packed to head to Barcelona tomorrow. I am not much of a city girl so I think Barcelona will be more my scene. Mainly because it is socially acceptable to wear sandals and my dogs are dying for a breather!

Off to stop number two of eleven on this journey through the world! See ya London!


  1. Modular housing...humm. I don't think that was a bust. You have identified how NOT to do it. Those look like the Leggo Village. It looks they dropped several containers and rather than pick them up, they added a window. KK's Kool Kontainer Korner will rule. They will be coming to your place asking you for an interview. Harv

  2. Sorry that southern country girl charm of yours didn't work! You know I read the directions after figuring out all the ways it doesn't work. Love the post, kinda keeps me looking forward to the next day and from missing you.

  3. Harv, I thought Container City was pretty awesome. No I would not paint them so many colors like leggo's but it is still a pretty neat concept!

  4. Dang that sucks you went all the way out there and got turned down. At least you got to see it up close in person. The use of shipping containers in modular construction looks pretty cool. I’ve seen that a few different times. I actually was watching a TV show one time where they built an entire house out of shipping containers it was cool. But yeah maybe next time you can get in touch with the office in New York at least they may want to help you a little more since you’re American! Haha