Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 19 - Museum, Museum, Bridge

Okay, everyone here knows I love art. But let's be real, how much art can one take when all the art is portraits and Jesus/Mary scenes? Well, two was our limit on art intake for the day. The first stop was La Galleria Degli Arazzi. This is a museum that collects painting, sculptures and tapestries. Most of the paintings were portraits and scenes of Jesus' crucifixion. The first few paintings were pretty cool, but after those.... Here are some pictures from outside the gallery:

And now a few from inside the gallery:

The view from the gallery observation deck:

Our next museum was the University Gallery (I forgot the Italian translation). This is home to Michelangelo's David sculpture. This puppy is massive. I had seen this sculpture in many pictures over the years in school, but I honestly had no clue how massive this puppy is. David's big toenail was the size of my face! The coolest part of this piece is that as you move around the sculpture you see David's face change from an afraid look to a look of determination. Sneaky, sneaky Michelangelo! David was the only highlight from the University Gallery and I am so sorry I did not sneak a picture for you all!

After the last museum, we all headed back to the hotel to check in our rooms. This room is much better than last nights! But, I had quite the internet situation on my hands for about 12 hours. Like I said before, Europeans are so stingy with wifi to the point of utter annoyance. After several hours of problem solving, I got it under control to catch you all up on my blog and FaceTime Meghan. Alana, you really need to fix your FaceTime issues!

Keep reading for pics for the Duomo! Ciao!

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