Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 21 - Venice

I know, I know... You are ready for an update. You all are such demanding followers however, very avid and I appreciate that!

Getting to Venice proved to be a little harder than we expected. First, our train was delayed coming in the station and then leaving the station due to another earthquake in the area. We were about an hour and a half behind all together. Once we made it to Venice, Anoop sent half of us one way and the other half another way to the hotel. It was about an hour walk with all of our luggage.... We were all pretty cranky after.

But, on the way we got some really great photos! Check out Venice:

The view outside of our hotel:

No, I have not ridden a gondola... They are a little expensive for my budget!

All along this bridge, couples come to put a lock on it for good luck. 

I have no clue what building this is but I thought it was neat:

Alana, these next few are for you... No, I didn't buy you anything. 

Yes, I got made fun of for taking all of those! So, you better feel loved!

St. Mark's Square and Cathedral:

The tower that Galileo supposedly dropped a feather and a cannon ball from; you all know the story from there:

St. Mark's up close and personal:

One more:

And one last time for effect as usual:

A view at night...

Who sent my boat to the Mediterranean??

The night life in St. Mark's Square; yes, that is a band:

Europeans have won me over in one respect: their love for dogs and more specifically dachshunds:

Venice is simply AMAZING. It is one of those places you would want to stay about two nights. And definitely come with your lover! Make sure you bring a lock! I have thoroughly enjoyed not seeing any cars, bikes and minimal people. It is a very nice change from the hustle and bustle of Florence. Since this is our last stop in Italy, I will say that if I had to pick one place to go, it would be Venice. There is simply nothing like it in the world. 

After a long day of walking the entire group went to a bar/lounge and enjoyed a few drinks before bed. I have not found an European to make me a good long island but, I have only found one to make it at all! That being said, I am craving one!

The food is absolutely amazing in Italy but, after two weeks here, I am a little over pizza and pasta. I have most certainly learned to enjoy the Mediterranean salad that is served pretty much everywhere. I will need to get all of my comfort foods when I get home! Don't worry, I am by no means starving over here!

Day 22 coming in just a few! Stay posted!

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