Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 12 - Too many places to name here!

Only 30 days left, what tha???

Today was awesome in Roma (that's how they spell it)!! First off, Anoop let us sleep in until 9:30am which is always money! Our first stop was the Coliseum! Take a look...

There was a pretty long line to get in so we signed up for this tour guide service outside and skipped the line to get in. I am not a fan of guided tours so I mostly stayed at the back a shot some pictures the entire time. This place is massive and there is literally something neat to see around every corner especially if you love architecture and construction like I do. It is truly miraculous what man could do with brick, mortar, marble, and manpower without modern technology. Here are a couple of views from the inside..

We got an awesome view of Constantine's Arch from the top of the Coliseum! Beautiful, right?

Our next stop was the Roman Forum. This is the sight were many of Roma's emperors built their palaces. A lot of it is ruins now but still pretty amazing. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

The cool thing about these doors is that the original bronze doors, locks, and keys still all work after thousands of years. The Romans sure knew how to build it!

This is where Caesar is buried. Even after so many years, people still bring him flowers. Oh how the great Caesar is still so loved!

The ceiling inside the Roman Senate:

The Senate building was rebuilt several times after fires so this building is relatively new compared to it's surroundings.

Italian Parliament

The next stop was the Pantheon! This place literally looks fake. This building is one of human kind's best achievements and the most important building in Roman history because it is one of the oldest buildings and is still standing. Here are a few pictures:

I swear these are real pictures. The Pantheon looks straight out of a movie or something in real life. It was hard to believe what you saw even when you went and touched the walls. We have had this building in so many texts books and it is chilling to actually experience this piece of art first hand. What the Romans could do is truly unmatched to this day.

Anoop cut us loose after the Pantheon so a few of us wanted to see the Spanish steps. I didn't get great pictures of this because it was raining but here you go:

After the steps, we went to a kind of touristy restaurant but it was still pretty amazing. I had spinach and ricotta filled pasta in a rosa sauce. It was nice to have a good sit down meal. We have been eating a lot of take away sandwiches and pizza since landing in London. We are calling it an early night because we are headed to the Vatican tomorrow bright and early! See ya bloggers!


  1. Your pictures are INSANE!!!!!

  2. I am loving Europe through your eyes! Say hello to the Pope! You know Bill would love to be with you at the Vatican.
    Keep those awesome pictures coming. Sharon

  3. Not good at blogging but I'm loving this trip with you. Be safe and we love you!!!
    Uncle Gary

  4. "I didn't know men could build such things" Juba, upon seeing the Coliseum for the first time in the movie Gladiator