Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 5 - City of Bath, Salisbury Cathedral, & Stonehenge

Yesterday and the countryside walk are battling it out on my favorite days in London. Maybe I can make a decision by the end of this post...

We woke up early to hop on a bus headed down a three stop route to Great Britain's finest. First stop, the City of Bath. Sorry that I'm not sorry for the amount of pictures in this post!

The City of Bath is made completely of bath stone. Every single building within the town limits is made of this stone. It is the only city that is like this and it is gorgeous! The main hot springs are located in the same building that is shown in the first picture. There is a row of houses like the ones shown in the last picture that are in a complete and perfect circle where many celebrities own houses. No, I didn't see any celebrities Alana. I did taste the water from the hot springs and it tasted pretty "earthy". It is definitely no deer park water. While we walked around the town, we stumbled across a homeless man and his dog. He may not have been homeless but his dog was hungry. I couldn't eat anymore of my chicken pasty and gave it to the dog. Dad, you better be taking excellent care of my Duffer!

Next on the journey was Salisbury Cathedral. This place is beautiful! What do you think?

I will have to admit that most of these cathedral's are starting to look alike but I think I will always remember this one because of two friends I made outside the cathedral.

These were the weirdest ducks I have ever come in contact with. They were more like dogs. I was literally within reach of these two. They waddled up to me while a group of us were laying down in the yard in front of the cathedral. Schmid fed them pringles (snacks that his mom packed him hahaha) and watching those ducks go at them reminded me of Duff and Flint eating treats! It was hilarious! Something about these european birds, they are crazy!

Last stop was Stonehenge. We got super lucky yesterday with excellent weather and got some great pictures of stonehenge.

Brady and I in front of Stonehenge supporting the Braves and Auburn.

So, there are a lot of sheep in the countryside. We passed a couple with coloring on their backs and found out a hilarious reason. Farmers dye the stomachs of their rams with a certain color so that when they mate the farmers can see which ram mated with which sheep. Thank you tour guide Russell for your knowledge of sheep mating! Baaaaahhhh...

Tour guide Russell. Quite an animated las!

I guess that is all for day five! Peace out bloggers!


  1. I read all of these in your voice and it makes them awesome. Also, I read that last sentence as Peace our Buggers! Please bring "bugger" back to the states.

  2. I definitely said "bloggers" but I can change it to "buggers" if you would like! Maybe I should preface every post with "read the following as if I were saying it to you" so everyone can get the full experience!