Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 1 - British Museum & Walk Through Downtown London

We hit the ground running in London today! Here are some quick highlights!

We are staying at the Mentone Hotel in Cartwright Gardens.

Our room is up five flights of stairs.... steep stairs....

Precious bakery around the corner from our hotel:

We went to the British Museum today. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

No, Harvey I did not get an ice cream from this truck. I am so sorry to disappoint!

Here are a few pictures from our walk about downtown:

I ate fish and chips at a pub today. Apparently British folk are obsessed with "brown sauce". In my humble opinion it is a mix of A1 and Heinz 57. In the south, children are taught to mix the two at an early age without the need to give it a new name. (I am only picking at you Dr. Burt!)

And for all of those who are wondering, yes I miss Duff and NayNay too much! 

Until next time...

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