Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Internet Problems Again...

I am experiencing some wifi problems again in Venice. So this will be a short, no pictured post from my phone.

We had some technical difficulties on the train because there was another earthquake in Italy yesterday. This delayed our train about an hour. But, we made it to Venice, or Venezie as the locals say, yesterday around 2pm safe and sound. I am not sure where the earthquake was but it was not near us.

Our hotel is situated right on a little water way and it is gorgeous! You guys should see this place. It is something out of a fairy tale.

I hope to post some pictures this afternoon once we get back for the day so everyone cross your fingers!

I will say this a million times before the trip is over, thank you all who are constantly reading my blog! At 21 days in I have 2300 views! Whoa! You guys are great!

It is the 22nd day of 42, Venice is the 6th stop of 11 in the 3rd country of 8, we are on our 2nd language of 5 (if you don't include the Brit's ha!), and I am loving every minute of it!

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