Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 23 - Amaroni Beach, Venice

Today we headed straight for the beach! After a ferry and long bus ride we ended up at Amaroni Beach all by our lonesomes. We definitely showed Venice how southerners do sun bathing! Sand in Europe is nothing like sand in the states. Over here, it is more like fine graded dirt than anything. However, who cares about the sand condition when you are staring at the Mediterranean?

I rented a beach chair and ate a burrito (who knew there would be burritos in Venice?) for a whopping 10 euro. A day at the beach was a great idea before we hop on this over night train. We are all pretty beat and most of us got a little toasty.

I will have to admit that I am a little nervous about sleeping on this train but I'm sure the mattress will be better than this hotel's! I just hope I can snag a second pillow and that there is a plug to watch a movie.

Since I have no pictures from today, here are some thoughts on the trip:

Things I miss:

My Naynay (childhood blanket that was given to me by my Aunt Kathy)
Conditioner (Europeans don't use it but I managed to find some 2 in 1 shampoo)
Ranch dressing
Peace Tea (either Caddy Shack or Sweet Lemon)
Chicken (all kinds but mostly fried)

Yes, Dad, Alana, Meg, Lou, Jeremy and Sara, they have plentiful amounts of mayo therefor I am satisfied in that area.

Things I may never use again because I don't have it here:

Wash Cloth (be grossed out if you want but my skin is in pristine condition since coming to Europe)
Q tips (okay so maybe on occasion and I still don't care if you are grossed out. Meghan, don't say it...)

Things I have learned to love:

Cappuccino and one raw sugar (just one in the morning and sometimes one instead of eating dinner)
Large amounts of water
Not using a hair dryer but once in a blue moon.
Walking as a main means of transportation

I can definitely dig the way of life over here, but there are just those few comforts of home that will send me straight back over the pond.

Where all do we have left to go?

(somewhere for a night that we haven't picked yet, any suggestions?)

Thanks to Mrs. Seaman's French class in high school, I am super excited about French cuisine. We sampled some of the culture's recipes every Friday in class and it has got me looking forward to it. I'm sure I will be tired of bratwurst by then anyways...

Although I am knocking quite a few places off the bucket list, I am constantly adding more. This trip may have sparked a very expensive hobby....

See you all in Vienna!


  1. They have mayo, yes. But do they have tartar sauce......


  2. Caitlin--I keyed in all your destinations on Google Map and it gave me a neat map--I'm a visual person and it made more sense to me seeing your route on a map. Wonder how many miles you will have covered in Europe?

    1. Kathy, can you print it as a pdf and send it to me?

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