Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 2 - RICS, ICE, Buckingham Palace & Westminster Abbey

I know the anticipation is killing everyone! As part of our abroad grade we are required to write 300 words in our blog about the day before and post at least one picture. Let's see how far above and beyond I can go with those requirements.

Day two in London was full of sight seeing. We started our journey by taking the tube over to the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors Library. And on the way we passed by Buckingham Palace! Beautiful, right?

No, I did not see any member of the royal family. Had we been one day earlier, we could have seen the queen herself ride by in her carriage. I think Kendall and I were the only ones disappointed about that. Yes, I did almost get run over by a smart car.

At the RICS we got a tour of the library, learned how to become a student member, explored the different services of the library, and some of the guys were even studious enough to buy books. Quite a far cry from the typical Gorrie Center behavior.

Next up was the Institution of Civil Engineers. This building is absolutely gorgeous right?

The lady who gave us a tour of the building was a librarian who focused on the history of the ICE before the 1900's. She was the tiniest little lady and I am still stumped on how much knowledge could fit in her tiny head! Girlfriend knew her stuff to say the least.

Next in line was Big Ben and Westminster Abbey! What for it...

Words can not possibly describe how awesome these two were. If I could have taken pictures inside the Abbey, I would just post pictures. We did a tour of the entire building and who knew so many dead people are in that joint? Once again, no, I did not see any members of the royal family. All of you who know me, the architect/artist/designer/builder in me is on over load. I seriously don't think we are giving ourselves enough time to process it all. Seeing all of London in 4 days is the culprit.

We ate lunch at a Tesco. This is like a walk through grocery/snack shop. The Brits have really gotten creative and efficient with their boxed sandwiches, salads and pastas. It isn't half bad for 4 euros.

After the Abbey, we took a walk about the Rive of Thames. We saw the London Eye, walked across the Millennium Bridge, toured Tate Modern and stood outside of the Gherkin Building. Here are a few pics so you can imagine you were there too.

Me fair lady was on the beach at the river. She was "locked" and the only way to set her free was throwing money down into two buckets.

The British get pretty creative with their wharf graffiti.

Walking across the Millennium Bridge with St. Paul's Cathedral in the background.

The only picture I took at the Tate Modern. Bahahaha

Tate Modern is a renovated power plant. The most interesting display in the building to me was the renovation designs and pictures. They literally gutted this building down to it's facade and structure to create a sleek, clean museum of modern art. Builders/architects get crafty from time to time.

The Gherkin Building in all of it's glory. Although some may look at this and say "ew", this piece is a really cool building. It has an atrium space throughout the entire building and the glass facade is mind boggling up close.

After such a long day, Kendall and I decided to get take away food and a bottle of wine to enjoy in our rooms. Yes, the Brits call it "take away" not "to go". Later in the night, we ended up at a pub around the corner called The Rocket where we met someone from every part of the world. All I have to say about the night is DJ, 2 for 4 euro jager bombs, and McDonalds in London at 3am. I have a video for a later post. I have to build anticipation, right?

Today we took a walk through the country side of Princes of Risborough. This is the hometown of Dr. Burt (the head of the BSci department who I affectionally make fun of about brown sauce). Pictures and thoughts to come tomorrow after we walk through downtown London again!


  1. Loved the pictures of England and London town. I think you are hitting the sights really fast. You all must be so exhausted.

  2. Love it all! Awesome pics! I wish I was there. I love you! Be safe and stop staying out too late drinking.