Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello Munchen!

We made it to Munich tonight around 8pm and were able to snag a room at the hotel we will be staying at with the group. The train ride was hectic to say the least. We couldn't get a straight answer out of anyone at the Amsterdam central station and we were super confused as to why our train didn't say Munich. Apparently, the only direct train to Munich is the overnight one. During the day, you have to ride to Frankfurt and switch there to Munich. We didn't reserve our tickets since we have the Eurail Global Pass which meant we didn't have an assigned seat. Do you know what "seat reserved" in German is? Yeah, we didn't either and had to bounce around a little from seat to seat. Once we got to Frankfurt, we hopped on the train to Munich to find it packed and standing room only. We stood for about an hour before getting a seat for the rest. Finally, we made it to Munich, hopped a U to our hotel and thankfully you could see it from the station exit.

We spent a total of 8 hours on the train and that has just taken everything out of me. I am now super worried about what condition I will be in come June 20th when I land back in the states. We spend four nights and four days here in Munich and then six/six in Paris. I can't believe this is the next to last stop of the trip. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute but I am super excited to get back to you all in the states!

I'm going to attempt to pass out for 8 hours. None of you stateside better wake me up!

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