Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 26 - Prater Park

This morning we didn't have to be up until 10:30 which was amazing. The beds in this hotel are like heaven. We got on the tube and headed to Prater Park. This park was huge. It always amazes me when we get to a big city and they have a beautiful park right in the middle of it. We walked around the park for a few hours. There was some kind of race going on because runners were everywhere. I really wanted to snag one of the race day shirts but I couldn't find where to buy one. There was a huge stage set up in the middle of vendor tents and wouldn't you know, they were playing American music the entire time. The entire park has tons of chestnut trees; no Harv, I did not try one. The Park was really pretty and well taken care of as usual with these Austrians. Here are a few pictures from the park:

After the park, Kendall, Anoop, Kavita (Anoop's wife and much better half) and I went back downtown to eat and shop. We hit up Wienerwald again and I got an American classic: chicken fingers. Dad, don't say it and don't you dare tell any stories! It was nice to eat something a little bland but more filling than salad. We strolled through the market shops they have around St. Stephen's and I picked up a present that I have been struggling to pick out. One of the shops has this awesome treat that is like a thin wonton filled with chocolate cream and drizzled in chocolate. I am sorry I don't have a picture; I inhaled it immediately!

Kendall, Kavita and I decided to go try and see the Hofbrun Palace but got there a little too late. We wandered around the area to take another look since we were a little rushed on the bike tour. Here is a pic of the Hofbrun Palace since I didn't get one yesterday:

I can't help but to look up and fall in love...

There are statues of Maria Teresa all over Vienna. It is like statues of Caesar all over Rome. She is really celebrated and adored here.

So, my thoughts on Vienna? I LOVE IT! If you hate big cities but love all you can do in them, this place is for you. I have not felt like I was in a big city at any point while we have been here. Everything is so clean and well taken care of. The culture here is unlike anything you will ever experience. The palaces and gardens are not as over done as we have seen in most stops and the architecture is simply perfect. Buildings that are older than our country look like they were built yesterday. All of the train stops and trains are in great condition which makes the public transportation very enjoyable. Okay for the sake of stopping my babbling, simply put: you must come to Vienna if not to see the architecture but to see an unique culture and way of life.

I am honestly so sad to leave Vienna tomorrow. I don't feel like I have spent enough time here. It is one of the places on this trip that I will definitely visit again in the future. I am also sad to part ways with the best salad I have ever eaten. I plan to get another one tonight and I will try to snag a picture and the recipe.

We are headed to Prague tomorrow morning around 9am. Prague is also supposed to be a fun city and unique culture. This is day 26 of 42, headed to stop number 8 of 11, the 5th country of 8 and the 4th language of 6! We have 17 days left and you guys have 18 (we loose 7 hours coming back) until we get home! Can't wait to see everyone!

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