Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 25 - Vienna Bike Tour and Bratwurst

This morning we woke up bright and early to do a bike tour of Vienna. Our bike tour in Barcelona was so fun that we asked Anoop to plan one in every city he could for the rest of the trip. Can you imagine 15 college kids on beach cruisers? It goes a little something like this...

Today's bike tour was also fun but a little chilly and rainy. Our tour guide's name was Michael and he had quite the dry sense of humor. Here he is:

We had some wicked beach cruisers:

Yes, I did pick a cruiser with the slick, white tires. These bikes were fully equipped with three speeds, cushy seats, front/rear brakes and even a bell. Here are some pics from the tour:

This is a statue of Maria Teresa. She is credited with giving Vienna back to the people. She is very celebrated in Austria and you see her face around every corner.

Did you know that Vienna, Austria is the birthplace of classical music? Mozart himself walked these same streets we are on today. Here is the Museum of Music:

This is the Imperial Treasury building. Austria has the most elaborate and expensive crown jewels in the world.

Some Austrian Theaters:

The Lipizzan Horse stables at the Spanish Riding School.

Unfortunately, you can't see any of the horses. Once trained, these horses are not for sale because the horses themselves actually make money. Our horses didn't enjoy this nice of barns at the farm. However, on a special occasion when homemade wine and ducky glasses were involved, his royal highness Uncle Gary would take them for a stroll....

I thought this statue was very unique and of different style than any other we have seen thus far:

A different view of St. Stephen's Cathedral than yesterday's:

These next few are from inside a Jesuit church. I have not researched the Jesuits yet but this place was amazing. It looked so ordinary from the outside:

And then we went inside....

Imagine if you had to preach from this Roland:

I think it would look very appropriate at Golden Springs.

I have completely forgotten what building this is but it is absolutely gorgeous. Sorry guys!

Anoop let us loose after the bike tour so a few of us headed back to the market around St. Stephen's. I decided to dive right into the culture with no other than a bratwurst....

It was very good however, I may not eat that again. After salads at pretty much every meal for the past week, my stomach is churning a little. I will continue to stick to salads.

In Austria, they speak German... Thankfully, most speak very good English because me speaking German is like Cousin It's English. I still have yet to master a simple "thank you" in German....

Tonight, we are hitting the town since we don't have to be up until 10:30am tomorrow. Cross your fingers that we all make it back in one piece! Thanks for keeping up with my blog! I enjoy writing to you all every day and hope that you feel like you have come with me to Europe. Maybe just a little?


  1. HaHaHaHa!!!! You got me on that one Caitlin!!
    Your Uncle Gary

  2. Wendy, David and MaxJune 2, 2012 at 6:24 PM

    Hello from the Clevelands! Fatboy said to tell you he is so envious of your travels!! We are enjoying your blog and amazing pics. Hope you get to Paris while the French Open tennis tournament is still going on! We had fun hanging out with your family at the beach this week! Wish you could have been there, but you definitely got the best end of that deal!! Looking forward to seeing you when you return stateside! Have fun and be safe!!

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  5. Ahh, getting that pedaling in to compliment the paddling; Nantahala here we come.