Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 28 - Lazy, Lazy, & more Lazy

Today was our first real weather day. We were supposed to go on a bike tour of Prague but we got rained out and it is super cold today. None of us were really prepared for this kind of weather. So, we took a day to catch up on some Thesis work. My thesis is the use of storage containers in residential construction. I unfortunately did not have any luck with a company out of London so I am currently trying to catch up with some other companies in the U.S. to get some interview questions answered.

Being in Prague is really different than any other place we have been thus far for just a few reasons. The first is the extreme language barrier. Thus far, we have come in contact with the British jargon, Spanish/Catalan, Italian and German. All of these languages were easy to pick up on enough words to get us around. Well.... the language of Czech is about like the font Wingdings on word. I have yet to pick up on one word. Thankfully, we have not ventured outside of touristy spots which means that everyone speaks pretty good English! Next, you can literally walk everywhere. We thought we were about 30 minutes away from our hotel last night and were really about 7 minutes away. It is kind of the opposite from Vienna. Vienna is actually a huge town but feels small and Prague is pretty small but feels huge. Last and certainly not least, the Czech Korona is the currency here and the conversion is really throwing us all off. Each American dollar equals about 18 Czech Korona. So, I have been carrying around a 2000 Kcz. bill around but it really only equals about $100 bucks. Price tags for a coke are like 40 Kcz and I still have not gotten use to that only being about $2.

So, since I have only ventured out of the hotel to eat lunch, I will share some more pictures from yesterday so that you all are not too bored with this post!

Carol, apparently the shack bathroom floor tiles are inspired by Prague. This stuff is everywhere on the sidewalks!

This is the main drag near our hotel where a lot of restaurants are. They even have a McDonald's..

The Vltava River:

The Jewish Ceremonial building in front of the Jewish Cemetery:

Another view of the Cemetery; These head stones are one on top of another:

I have no clue what this building is but beautiful for sure and is in the Old Town Square:

An up close view of the Astronomical Clock:

Another view of Prague at night:

I don't think Prague will be one of those towns I come back to visit. We got to see a lot of the town in a few short hours yesterday. If I am ever close to Prague, I may take a day trip here to see the architecture again but I have not been super impressed with the city.

Tomorrow afternoon we are headed to Amsterdam for our second vacation. Who knew we were going to be going on vacations while we were on vacation? We are catching another EasyJet flight which kind of sucks but it was super cheap! Amsterdam is supposed to be another one of those places where the architecture is like no other. I promise to be extremely safe and not partake in the local vices! After Amsterdam, we take an overnight train to Munich. No worries, we are doing a 3 person sleeper cart so I will hopefully have a little less to complain about the next morning. "A little less" is the key words in that sentence!

I guess I will get back to working on my Thesis! See you all in Amsterdam!

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