Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 40 - Museum, Museum, and climbing the Eiffel Tower

We got to sleep in this morning which was great considering we stayed out late at the Eiffel Tower. We met Anoop at noon and headed to a small market to grab lunch. We then headed to the Invalides Museum which is a war museum. We stopped by a cathedral on the way and I love everything about them. I have not worn out of cathedrals like I have with museums. This is the Eglise du Dome Church:

This is where Napoleon's tomb lies. For being such a puny little fellow, he sure is in a big casket:

Next was the Invalides Museum. This museum wasn't really my thing but I did enjoy seeing this beautiful building:

The top row of windows on this building are very unique:

The last museum of the day was the Rodin Museum. Again, not my kind of museum but the gardens around the building were beautiful and full of the most colorful roses I have ever seen.

The last stop of the day was my favorite. We climbed the Eiffel Tower! So, do you know how many steps there are to the second tier?

Yes, you saw that correctly. Once you make it to the second level, you have to take a lift to the top. That ride is a little creepy. Here is a view from the top:

And of course, a panoramic view:

It was an awesome day to climb to the top. I am glad we did it today rather than yesterday!

After a long climb, we decided to head to the Moose which is an American bar to catch the first half of the matches. We happen to get our hands on some buffalo wings and fries too! I think 12 wings will hold me over until I can get some American food in a few days!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. I have been blessed with so many father figures in my life and the world's greatest dad! I miss you all and will see you in about a week!

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