Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 34 Afternoon - Bike Tour of Munich

Yesterday we went on a bike tour of Munich after Dachau. Bike tours are our favorite and Munich was the icing on the cake. Our tour guide was originally from Ohio and has bounced around for the past few years. Finally! A tour guide that spoke good English! Here is Levy:

We used Mike's Bike Tours. Mike is also an American.

All of use were on awesome blue beach cruisers except for two... Kendall and Drew got stuck with pink.

We took a full tour of downtown Munich and the English Gardens. Here are some pictures from the tour.

The Famous Hofbrahaus:

Munich Opra House:

The Residenz Munich:

Where Hitler gave many of his speeches:

A Cathedral in downtown Munich. The king of this time prayed to the Lord after having 6 girls for a son and in return he would build the largest church on earth. The ninth child was a boy and don't let the mustard colored facade fool you.

This may be my favorite interior of a cathedral thus far. I love the white.

We rubbed three of the four lions outside the Residenz for good luck:

The English Gardens:

I have never seen so many ducks in one place:

Drinking a beer in the Hofbrahaus Beer Garden in the English Gardens. Proost!

Probably the most random place on earth to be surfing but apparently they have these all throughout the Isar River:

My favorite picture from the day and I have completely forgotten what building this is:

The bike tour was great. We thought we were going to get rained out and thankfully it held off! It was a good ending to an emotional morning. I have loved being in Munich and I am learning how to easily navigate the big city with ease. However, Germans do not like that I cannot speak German. I'm really starting to get nervous about the French in a few days...

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