Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 41 - Basilica and Picnic

Well, as the trip nears the end, we decided to take an easy day. We met up at 11am to head to a basilica that has some great areas to do some shopping around it. This place was beautiful on the exterior but I would have no clue what it looked like on the inside because females had to cover their legs. We all know I will be in shorts whenever possible. So here was my favorite view of the morning:

While all the boys went to look inside, Kendall and I decided to people watch from the front steps. People watching is so much more entertaining in foreign countries. As if Asians did not stick out enough already... just add lime green jackets...

This guy kind of sucked at playing but he sure was happy to be out there giving it his all:

After touring the basilica, we took some time to walk around the local shops. A lot of us got art work to take home for family and friends before heading back to the hotel. Since it was the last time to grab a kebab (I will have to give a full explanation of the European kebab later) a group of us went to this shop around the corner from our hotel for the farewell kebab! It was superb! We then headed to do some shopping around our hotel. I went in to a few stores before calling it a day and heading to do some laundry. I was out of undies and it was putting me in a tight spot! 

Our last activity as a group will probably be my favorite. We all grabbed some food and Anoop got us all bottles of wine to have a picnic on the lawns of the Eiffel Tower. We took some time to just reflect on the trip, tell stories and have a few good last laughs before we all head home. We miraculously had no casualties, no arrests, and all made it out alive in one piece. I would call that a successful trip considering 15 college kids were let loose in Europe. It was most certainly a perfect ending to a perfect trip. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Paris. I will be very sad to see it go because I have loved every minute here. Paris is one of those places that will continue to stay on my bucket list for years to come. Next time though, I will have to bring my family. I think this trip has sparked a flame in all of us to do some traveling in the years to come.Well, at least I hope it did!

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