Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 35 - Josef Gartner & Co.

Today we went to Josef Gartner & Co. this morning which was about a two hour train ride outside of Munich. Gartner is a world leader in glass facade manufacturing and installation with projects in almost every corner of the world. This pace was amazing and it was weird that it was out in the middle of no where. We got a full run down of the company history and it's current projects, a full tour of the facilities and even a three course meal! We were all completely in awe of some of their products and projects. Buildings we have studied all four years of college were hanging on their walls. Their history, current projects, and facilities are more than impressive. We especially liked their show room and testing facilities. Here are some pictures!

Peter was our host for the morning and he couldn't have done a better job showing us college kids around. He gave us really good information about managing and bidding projects internationally. There is a fine balance between using local materials, manufacturing in Germany and shipping fabricated pieces to making a job cost effective.

Strike a pose...

A few of their products:

The top window pane is curved through a special heating process. This allows for more creativity in curtain wall systems.

Another curved glass piece:

Getting a quick lesson on the use of steel in curtain wall systems:

What these guys can do with a little glass and steel is unreal. A lot of these systems include ways for these high rise buildings to utilize fresh air in offices as well as defend against wind loads.

Their entire facilities are huge! This is just one of several buildings on site.

A few of Gartner's current projects are even close to home...

On the list of current projects is a terra cotta and glass clad building that will be a site to see once it is finished just by the colors! Vogue...

In the testing facility, they use a World War II fighter jet engine to test for wind loads. Peter told us that the only mechanic left to work on this engine recently died and they are using cookie sheets to catch the oil...

My favorite part of the entire production facility was the use of bikes to transport small goods around the facility. Along with solar panels on every building rooftop, these Germans are pretty resourceful.

Going to the Gartner facilities was an awesome opportunity. Thank you so much Peter and the Gartner team for your unbelievable hospitality and all the knowledge you shared with us!

So... We are now in the single digits on my homecoming! I have 7 days left and one travel day before I land back in the states. I fly into Pensacola next Wednesday to spend a few days at the beach before going home to see my family. I won't lie, I am very excited to be home to see everyone! The countdown has begun!

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