Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 42 - Last Day in Paris

Today, Kendall and I decided to sleep in as late as we wanted which ended up being until lunch time. We got ready and headed to a little mexican dive I found on the internet. We were both in need of a comfort of home and this place hit the spot with a fantastic quesadilla and salsa. We had a little trouble finding it but batting my eyelashes at a nice frenchman in a local shop did the trick to finding it! This dive was called Beans and Rice; I do love a good dive where ever I go.

Kendall and I then did some shopping in the Les Halles area where I found two really cute pairs of orange shorts for football season in the fall. We headed back to the hotel to check in for our flight home and take a nap before dinner. We wanted a good French meal before we headed out tomorrow morning and we got just that. We went to a little hole in the wall called Les Papilles and had a four course meal with Anoop and Drew. I can't thank Anoop enough for finding this place and making our last meal the best we have had in Europe thus far. Here was the menu:


Pea soup:

Pork Tenderloin (the best I have ever had, sorry Dad!):

Brie and Apple Marmalade:

A fruit version of Creme Brulee:

It was a more than perfect last supper, haha!

What was my overall opinion of Paris? I am so glad you asked. I LOVED IT! I had told Meghan that I was a little nervous about Paris because it was such a big town and I would probably be getting pretty homesick by then. I was completely wrong. Paris made me want to stay longer! There were several things I did not get to do while we were here; there is no way to see all of Paris in 6 days. So, I will be very ready to start planning to come back. The culture, buildings, art, food and shopping is simply unmatched. It is so easy to get around in Paris because the metro system has stops everywhere and so many different lines which made our stay much more enjoyable! However, next time I am in Paris, I am pretty sure it will be towards the end of July...

We wake up early tomorrow to take the Chunnel back to London and fly out of Heathrow. I will be traveling for a total of 20 hours tomorrow which I am not looking forward to... It is a bittersweet feeling; I am sad to be leaving but so excited about coming home for the activities I have planned for the rest of the summer and to see my family. Like I said in the last post, they will have to come with me on the next adventure. So what are the final stats of Europe? 42 days, 12 stops, 8 countries, 6 languages, 2000 pictures, and 1 trip I will never forget. 

At the beginning of this trip I asked myself a very important question: How's your thirst for adventure, Captain? At the end of the trip my answer is still the same: I have never been more thirsty. The bucket list keeps growing and I plan to keep knocking them off one by one.


  1. Let me just say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog!! I am so excited for you to be coming home, but I am sad that I won't have your daily reports to look forward to. Thanks for allowing me to see Europe through your eyes!! That's the only way I will see it because I don't fly!! Have a safe trip home and we hope to be able to visit with you soon! God bless!
    -Wendy :)

  2. You've outdone yourself on this blog. Now I can't wait to hear about it in person and see all your pictures again!!! Hurry home!!!! Love you,
    Aunt Kathy

  3. I'm so excited about you coming home!!! Yea!!!

  4. I guess this was the 19th… yall seemed to have a much more productive day then Brady and I. We had big plans but nothing happened. So that’s how we have been finding everywhere we needed to go, you just bat the eyes and it happens… I should have tried that a few times. That’s good that you found a real French dinner, I feel like I had ham sandwiches and kababs the whole time I was there… guess I was running a little short on funds by that point though. I also thought I would be pretty tired of the trip by the time we got to Paris, and same as you I was pleasantly surprised that I wanted to stay longer. Twenty hours sounds like a really miserable trip, I took the chunnel on the 19th and I was about tired of traveling after only two hours. I’m glad you had a great trip captain, it was a blast.