Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 36 - Seele

Today we went to another glass and steel facade manufacturing facility, Seele. Erwin was our host for the morning and he did a great job even though he was informed of our arrival as we were walking in. He should have not said anything because we would not have known the difference! Seele is an innovator in the glass business because they have invented some really cool glass manipulations such as bending, tinting, and using glass as a structural element. Seele has produced some of the world's most recognizable buildings such as The Birds Nest in Peking, King's Cross Station in London, and most of Apple's retail stores including the Fifth Avenue glass box. Since I am a huge Apple nerd, getting to browse the company that produces some of their amazing stores was right up my alley. We got a run down on their company history and projects as well as a full tour of their facilities including the production lines, glass manufacturing department and testing facilities. Here are some pictures of the morning:

Steve Jobs approached Seele to make the glass stairs at the Fifth Avenue store with his design. Since Steve decided to patent the bolt connection of glass stairs, Mr. Seele took it once step further and patented the laminate connected glass stairs.

Full scale mock up of the Abu Dahbi project in India.

A big thank you to Erwin and Seele for letting us bombard their facilities today! We appreciate your hospitality very much!

After the Seele tour, a group of us went to the BMW Museum. I went for two reasons, the main office building is amazing and I had never seen it and for a new obsession of mine.... the BMW Isetta. I'm sure most of you have no clue what the Isetta is and before you google it, look familiar?

I was first introduced to the Isetta about a year ago by one of my swim team dads, Bret Tallakson. This car is so fun and I want to own one before I die. They had one test driving in the museum but I did not get a turn to ride in it. I kind of wish I had skipped the walk through the museum to wait in line. I may never forgive myself...

Yes, just like in Family Matters, the door opens to the front!

Here is a good size reference picture. This thing is what they had to have modeled clown cars after!

Here are some pics of the display Isetta:

The front:

The back:

You all can make fun of me all you want. I don't even care.

Oh yeah, here are some pics of the BMW Welt building; constructed by Gartner who we visited yesterday.

Pretty cool, huh? No glass pane or piece of steel is exactly the same on this part of the building.

Dad, here are some pics just for you:

The past two days have been early mornings therefor, I am extremely tired. We head to Paris tomorrow to finish up our tour of Europe! We will be there for 6 nights and 6 days before heading back to the states! I was going to list all the things I miss right here however, Dachau has made me more thankful for what I have. I can survive without a majority of the things I brought. I will say that I miss you all terribly! I am definitely ready to be home to see my friends and family as well as be on the same time zone so that communication isn't so difficult. I know, I know, just a few more days!

I hope all is well back in the states, see you guys soon!

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  1. Sorry we were a few days behind, but Fatboy did read your comment about him. I think he was actually salivating at the sight of that mug!! He said he appreciates the thought and the effort! Getting that mug would have been outstanding!!! Enjoy the final leg of your journey and be safe! Keep up the great work with your blog-very enjoyable!! We look forward to seeing you stateside!