Sunday, September 8, 2013

We Made It!

What have I been doing the last three days? Let's recap:

Friday, I left San Francisco.
Saturday, I arrived in Paris.
Sunday, I left Paris and arrived in New Delhi, India.

No worries, I make that entire trip in one swoop on the return.

We are 10.5 hours ahead of you central time zone folks and 12.5 ahead of you pacific time zone folks. The greatest time difference I experienced last summer was 8 hours I think. And to think, I had just gotten use to being on California time.

I have great pics and stories to share from our 25 cent tour of Paris but after that journey, I am very ready to sleep. I promise to give a better update tomorrow; but, I just wanted to put worries to rest and let you all know, we made it.

Even though we arrived in New Delhi in the dark, the culture shock was still great. We will all be doing some adjusting tomorrow.

Sit tight. The fun is just beginning.

The Clark's (Clampett's) go to India.

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