Sunday, September 1, 2013

City Life

So yesterday was spent in the city with friends from work: Marie N. and Janet. I have two friends from work named Marie, Nguyen and Speakman, we will call Nguyen "Marie N." and Speakman just Marie.

Let me preface the inevitable down flow of pictures with a confession. In an attempt to shoot better pictures, I am not editing photos and just choosing the best shots. Just for a short time, I promise.

It was my first day in the city so Marie N. and Janet took me on my first "mini" tour of San Francisco. We met at the Ferry Building for the weekly farmer's market.

This farmer's market is truly like no other. It is huge. And the best part? Free tastings at almost every booth.

Here are some shots from my new favorite Saturday activity.

Looks pretty tasty, huh? I plan to be a regular.

We then did a little touring around Pier 39. My favorite part again? Duff's distant cousins... the seals. I swear Duff flops around like this all the time. He learned it from Aunt V.

I am not sure what this building is, but I love it. Old. Beautiful. 

The next stop was Boudin Sourdough. There is something to be said about San Franciscan sourdough.... wonderfully different.

They get really creative with their sourdough...

You can literally get tons of varieties of their sourdough in even more shapes and sizes.

After the survey in the Boudin museum, my favorite sourdough is olive. I hate olives.

The next stop was Ghirardelli Square. I am not much of a chocolate fan but it was fun to go. 

After a full morning of touring we joined a coworker, Britnee, at the Virginia Tech bar to watch the game. Yep, I was a Hokie fan yesterday. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

A big thank you to Marie N., Janet and Britnee. You guys are awesome.

Stay tuned...

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