Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And 15 minutes later, I'm done.

I made my speech this afternoon. And 15 minutes later, I was done with the whole reason for coming to India. It was a pretty weird moment. My time slot was at the end of the day so the turnout was pretty low. I was a little disappointed but I guess it is on to the next idea, paper and conference. However, I am so thankful that Auburn University has provided me this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Naturally, I wore an orange blazer to the conference. About an hour in, Anoop leaned over and pointed out that the photographer was taking a lot of pictures of me. We determined it was two things. First, orange is an important religious color that priests wear. The second was that I was probably the youngest and most colorfully dressed participant. What can I say? I should have packed the shoes I wanted to bring.

Dad and Alana are still as equally crazy as the minute we stepped foot in India. Alana still bombards every human we encounter with a million questions. We now know where Austin gets it from. Dad continues to make friends with everyone. His recent friend is Sanjuy from around the corner at the market. Sanjuy saw "sucker" written on dad's forehead. It only took Sanjuy buying them a coke for Dad to be swearing by Sanjuy's services. Sanjuy is apparently quite the entrepreneur. He has already scammed Dad out of 600 rupees (less than $10)..... We all had a good laugh.

Alana and I are not fans of Indian food. Dad likes anything eatable and is thinking of testing the local street food. He is on his own for that one.We are already planning our first meal back in the states.

Since I have been enduring the smell of the locals, I am continually checking my own body odor. Thankfully, I have yet to forget to wear deodorant. I think the smell is singed in my nose hairs. My handkerchiefs were the best thing I packed by far.

Between Alana and Dad, everyone in Sylacauga is getting a souvenir. Reference Alana's comment on shopping from my previous post... Okay, not everyone in Sylacauga but I have a feeling these souvenirs will end up in my half empty pack.

What am I looking forward to most when I get home? Duff. Victoria is meeting me at the Atlanta airport and I am taking him back to San Francisco. My wonderful boss lady, Marie, has (reluctantly) agreed to pick Duff up from the SF airport. She says I have to ride home on the train; claims it is her and Duff time. Everyone always likes Duff more than they like me. I don't blame them; Duff is the greatest. I can't wait to come home to the little booger every day. Home isn't complete without him.

Only a few more days left and I am sure they will provide plenty of laughter. As usual, stay tuned.

Keep it loose, keep it tight.

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