Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Delhi

After 22 hours of flight time, we made it to New Delhi. Hilariously greeted by this little fellow.

The New Delhi Airport is very deceiving. You arrive at this elaborate, nice airport and travel to a very different setting. To put a few things in to perspective, New Delhi is one of India's largest and most developed cities. As part of the Golden Triangle, it is a popular tourist destination. The city's streets, bridges, and public transportation was greatly improved in 2010 for the Commonwealth Games and they tell us, we are lucky to be touring the area after these improvements. With that said....

The improved public transportation...

On any given moment, you will pass by one of these busses with people packed in like sardines. Driving in India is insane. Road signs and lines are mere suggestions. Anything goes. We have almost lost our lives 12 times in the past three days.

The Indian cab... The Tuk Tuk. These guys are the main culprits of the insane driving.

My favorite Tuk Tuk sporting the Nike check.

This is actually a very organized and clean street side in Delhi....

They say Indians are friendly to a fault. I am still convinced it's just Dad. He has made friends all over the Golden Triangle.

Street food is a big thing in India. No, I have not and will not test said food.

The markets are also street businesses. I am not sure how they get these eggs to the market intact; driving around here is..... bumpy to say the least.

 Dr. Taylor went to the market to buy tonic for his gin. He asked for six cans. They gave him a whole case. I died. They knew better than to just give him six.

We did a little shopping. Okay, Dad and Alana shopped while I watched. 

Ali Baba's carpets didn't fly. I tried.

Harv, I found another kind of guitar to add to your ridiculous collection...

The craftsmanship in some of these pieces of art is amazing. 

Alana doing what she does best..... Alana's exact quote was: "KK, I like to shop. I love to shop. I love to buy things; I love to buy things for my kids, I love to buy things for myself. Just get over it." I swear I didn't say anything.

I can't take him anywhere. 

On a more serious note, we walked the streets to go shopping. In a third world country, you can't help but to snap a couple of pictures that at some level represent the impact that poverty, hunger and desperation has on your soul. I do not feel these do it justice.

It is starkly contradicting how the desperation is counteracted by the beauty found in India's architecture. Grand is the only word I have for it. Grand is at the forefront of design. You almost forget where you are and what lies in the streets outside of these places.

Jama Masjid

The India Gate

India is.... different. I had never been to a third world country before now. Although these sights are beautiful, it is the poverty that may be engrained in my brain when I leave here. 

We went to the Taj Mahal today. I speak tomorrow. Everyone cross your fingers.

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  1. I'm really enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing your pics. Good luck on your presentation!