Thursday, September 12, 2013

The only rule? Don't hit the car in front of you.

Today was spent taking the grand tour of Old and New Delhi. Thanks to Anoop's wife, Kavita, we literally got the grand tour. A few quick facts about Delhi, India:

There are 17 million people in Delhi.
7.5 million cars.
80,000 tuk tuks.
60% of the population is Hindu, 30% Muslim, 7% Sikh, and 3% Christian.
2% divorce rate.
And you need four things to drive in India:
    1. A good brake.
    2. A good horn.
    3. A good mind.
    4. And good luck.
    The last is the most important.

For the light readers, just stop now. I took right under 800 pictures today. So here we go....

The first stop was Jami Masjid.

 The required wardrobe was.... interesting. They made the best of it.

The obsession with ceilings continues..

I have always been very interested in people and culture. It is also turning in to a photography interest as well.

We took a rickshaw through Chandni Chowk.

Visited the spice and tea shop.

Visited... no experienced the place where Ghandi was cremated. His last words were "Oh god."

Then did what Alana does best. Shop. "I love to shop. I love to buy things."

Humayun's Tomb

Buildings that I can't remember their names... 

Qutb Minar

Shots of a different life...

Do you ever wonder what your life would have been if you had been born in a different country? To different parents? Different circumstances? Another life in another world.


  1. I sure home the inner "Joel and Joyce" came out of Alana today... whew, only 3%

  2. Awesome pics! I think I'll just make a list of all the places I'm interested in and you can go there, take pics for me and then blog about it. That way I won't have to conquer my fear of flying! Haha!