Thursday, September 6, 2012

Graduation Day

Well... After four years, a victory lap and studying abroad in Europe, I can finally say that I am an Auburn University graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Building Construction! The past five years have been such a whirl wind filled with so many memories that seem like yesterday on a good day and decades ago on a not so good day. I want to take this moment to stop and thank a few people who helped me along the way:

First and foremost, my Dad. When writing the acknowledgments for my thesis paper, I took about half a day to finally put together the right words:

"I would like to show my upmost gratitude and thanks to my best friend, my dad. Without his continual support and love, this thesis and graduation from Auburn University could have not been possible. Thank you for always supporting me in my academic and career ambitions. I can only contribute my success to having the perfect example of hard work and integrity. He has been behind me every step of the way."

Of course next on the list is Alana. It takes an unbelievable amount of strength and love to be not only a sister but also a mother and a best friend all in one. The continued roles you fulfill go above and beyond what any other human could contribute to my life. To top it off, you do it with such grace and with little acknowledgement from most of us. You and Dad have been, by far, the greatest influences on my life.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Gary, you both have always been such a huge part of my life. Over the years, I have come to find that for me, being truly at home is when our whole family is at the farm. I honestly think that would be the case no matter where you lived. Having said that, you are not allowed to move out of Alpine for any reason whatsoever. Thank you both for being constant sources of love and encouragement in everything I do.

Madison, Laura, Meghan, Mimi, Papa, Harv, The Mama, Simone, Cass, Bailee and Jillian: Some people always say they are "stuck with their family". Thankfully, God "stuck" me with all the right ones. I love you all and can't thank you enough for what each of you contribute to my life.

If I took the time to name everyone here, you all might be stuck reading my blog for days. I have taken the time to write everyone who has made this big step special and I hope you all know that no amount of words could thank you enough. A lot of people have told me what a huge personal accomplishment this is and for me, that is simply not the case. This is a huge accomplishment for everyone who helped get me here and I could not have done it without each and every one of you. I truly took you all across stage with me and I plan to do it again next August with my Masters.

War Eagle!

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