Thursday, September 6, 2012

Long Time No See....

Have you all missed me yet? I imagine that my followers has significantly decreased since I am no longer traveling Europe nor am I posting every day. I am going to try and keep up with the blog a little better than I have been for the past two months.

So what have I been doing? Well, it is this little thing called grad school (I am getting a masters degree in Integrated Design and Construction in case it slipped your mind). Let me give you the run down:

Graduate from undergrad
Start grad school
Get GTA assignment
Start getting school assignments
Everything starts to go down hill....

I have been super busy to say the least. I was lucky enough to get a Graduate Teaching Assistantship for school which practically pays me to get my masters. My GTA professors are Prof. Farrow and Prof. Kramer. Farrow has been one of my favorite teachers in BSci since I took his steel structures class. He is simply the best all around guy we have in our department. Prof. Kramer went to Europe with me and I am happy to get the chance to stick with him. He is a pretty laid back guy. 

Since starting grad school I have added two more desks, a file cabinet, key to the Gorrie Center and studio box and key to my list of things to keep up with. I have an office desk in Gorrie in the GTA office and a studio desk in Dudley in our studio/conference space/ping pong table area. I haven't quite moved in completely but I am hoping to get that settled this weekend.

Here are some pics from grad school thus far...

Kislay has become our token Indian clown to say the very least....

You don't look too sure about that Holley...

I have taken on the challenge of our HD Scanning operation this year and we are truly kicking off our efforts with a scan of Jordan-Hare next wednesday. Dad is more giddy than a two year old with a Pez dispenser. Hopefully I will catch some good "pre home game" pics for you all.

Until next time..... keep it loose, keep it tight.

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