Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo Bomb

Last week I contacted Aubie to get on his schedule to take graduation pictures. I know you all are excited that I actually let someone take my picture. It turned out to be a pretty fun photo session and thanks to Laura, I got really great pictures of this milestone. 

We started out at J&M Bookstore with one of my favorite Auburn signs:

We headed to the AU sign next where fortunately we ran in to very few people wanting pictures with Aubie:

Then of course we hit Samford lawn where we got one of my favorite pics. I am sure you all can guess which one:

Last, we went to the corner of Thach and College to get Samford in the background. The entire photo shoot naturally turned in to a looney tunes cartoon with awkward poses:

And what else do you expect from Aubie pictures other than a photo bomb?

All in all, we got some really great pictures and this has to be my favorite serious one:

A special thanks goes to Aubie the Tiger, Mr. Mike, Martin and Laura for helping me get this all together and making it a fun photo shoot. I appreciate the Aubie Family for working me in their busy summer schedule! Saturday is the big day so, tomorrow is full of activities to prepare for the event. There will be more pictures to come from graduation and my party, I promise (only because Laura is a mad woman with a camera)!

Weagle, Weagle

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