Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day

So, for the first time in about five years, I went on a family vacation. Again, dad was more giddy than a two year old with a Pez dispenser....

We left saturday morning after Alana and Clay announced they can't ride in the car together for that long. We are still making fun of them. After four hours, two stops and enough pre-madonna comments from Austin, Madison and Alana, we made it to Destin where the weather was gorgeous. We spent two great days despite Alana and Clay whining about how hungry they are ALL the time. It was nice to spend a weekend with just Dad, Alana, Madison, Clay, Austin & Gade Clay. We have not had this opportunity in a long time. I think I may have converted everyone on two daily routines of mine: Emergen-C and Momma Mocha's coffee. I would call that a successful weekend. Maybe on the next family beach trip we can drag Aunt Kathy and Uncle Gary along with us.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

I was glad to spend some quality time with this Tooty Ruby....

We think she may have gotten her bottom from Meme.... Poor child.

I am continually shocked at the quality of pictures I get from my camera. It could be the subject tho.. Yes we let Gade Clay run around naked.... get over it.

We caught her dipping crackers in her baby pool before eating them... hmmm salty....

Whatever Bubba does, Gade does....

Waiting on Bubba to come back..

As you can tell, I was very content in my chair with book and camera. It still shocks me how much Gade Clay looks like Alana and the women in my dad's family. Clark genes trump Mintz genes. Boom.

10 Things I love about Gade Clay:

10. The way she stares down Alana when she is getting on to her. The look says "I really don't care what you say". Its hilarious.
9. She pulls out her hair bow every chance she gets. I think she gets that from me.
8. She screams for no reason. I think she is just reminding everyone she is still there.
7. Her giggle when Clay is tickling her. It is precious.
6. She is super snuggly in the mornings.
5. She carries a nay nay everywhere just like me.
4. Her piercing blue eyes. They remind me of my dad's eyes.
3. She is madly in love with Austin. To the point of screaming at Clay when they rough house.
2. Gade Clay will pucker those lips up faster than you can say "give me a kiss" and don't think you will get away with just one kiss...
1. She looks just like Alana. I hope she turns out just like Alana too.

Until next time...


  1. So sweet! It was a great beach trip and I am so glad you came!

  2. She’s so adorable even the naked pics

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