Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just a few days away...

Well, it is official... I will be graduating Saturday! I completed my thesis last week and presented on Monday. I think I am more excited that I made an A on my thesis than I am about graduating. The whole dressing up underneath a black robe to walk across stage in front of too many people is not really my thing. Alana, do not worry, I promise to smile.

I officially went back to work today and naturally it was frustrating. I had to remove a fiberglass shower unit from a house with five cats. Everyone knows I am allergic to cats. So, not only was I sneezing from the cats but, my entire body was itching from the fiberglass dust I created. I took a ridiculously cold shower and the itching finally stopped. Next on the work list is yet another set of concrete countertops. This set will be pretty unique with rounded edges, abstract coloring and a couple of inlays. Every time I start another countertop, my level of frustration always takes a peak right before the pour. Once cured, I get to work out that anger with the polisher and the finished product makes it all worth while. The entire process is very labor intensive but it is that look of utter satisfaction on the client's face that keeps me coming back for more.

Duff and I have officially moved in to our new house. He is loving the roommates way too much if you ask me. If you all thought he was spoiled before.... He has recently learned to jump on the couch which is awesome! However, the nice pillows Missy bought for the couch had to go because Duff thought the tassels were chew toys. Duff is really enjoying so much space to roam and always having someone at home. I am pretty sure the dang dog will be the most rotten dog in about two weeks so let me apologize in advance.

It is that time for me to decide what I am going to do next year after grad school. Any suggestions? No Dad, I am not coming to work for you. Next suggestion.

Alana has been staying with me this week since work has been crazy. She is going to kill me for the next few sentences. First, Alana lets Duff sleep with her. Second, she begs me to sleep with her every night. Are we still 5 years old? I have loved having Alana in town and that is the only time I am going to admit that.

Well, Saturday is the big day. Cross your fingers that I don't trip!

Keep it loose, keep it tight.

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