Friday, July 20, 2012

Europe.... Where are you??

Can I go back to Europe yet?

This past month of being back in the States has been a whirl wind. Let me give you the play by play:

Land in the states, take a beach hiatus.
Get back to Auburn, take a sleep hiatus.
Start my thesis, take a social hiatus.
After 77 pages, get back to living life.

This past Wednesday, I turned in 77, yes you read that right, 77 pages for my thesis. The page requirement was 50-55 so... I think I might have nailed that one. Hopefully, I won't get my draft back Monday with tons of red on it. I will present and defend either this coming Friday or the next Monday. Everyone, cross your fingers for me.

Benjamin, Victoria, and I are moving in to our new house next weekend. I started packing today and realized that I throw away more than I pack. I guess being a pack rat isn't genetic (thankfully). I have more canvases, drawing pads, paints and brushes more than anything else. Of course, I didn't throw any of those away. Okay, so maybe I am a pack rat.

I will hopefully graduate August 4th pending my thesis advisor gives me at least a C. Unfortunately, Dad and Alana are making me walk across stage. Cross your fingers about that too!

So, have I done anything fun in between Europe and now? Well, duh.

The boys had matching bandanas for the Fourth of July.

Flint had his first birthday. He hated the hat but I got one good picture!

Madison and I went to the District swim meet in Valley. Not only does Madison have to have her big sister as a coach but also as photographer.

So what's next? Another play by play...

Finish my thesis and say goodbye to The Baby House.
Graduate and hopefully take a hiatus from the world.
Start graduate school and get back to work.

Of course, I will make it fun along the way. Dave is coming out with a new album... Get excited.

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  1. Can't wait to see you cross that stage!!!!!!
    What an accomplishment--proud of you!!