Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blog World Hiatus

Hello to all my avid blogger followers! I am very sorry that I have decided to take a week and a half hiatus from blog land. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to solely rely on my phone as my connection to the world allowing my computer and iPad a much needed rest from Europe. So, what have I been doing for the past 10 days? I spent two relaxing days at the beach. I went home to see my family. And finally, after much anticipation, I made it back home to Auburn! Duff and I have spent the past week trying to get back in to our normal routines of sleep, eating, and spending time with friends. Duff is having a much easier transition than I am since he is not required to write a Thesis paper in order to graduate!

As Duff is enjoying laying in his bed and playing with all his toys, I am slaving away in the Thesis lab at my desk. I finally picked a Thesis topic that I am very happy with: The Use of Shipping Containers as Student Housing: A Proposal to Auburn University. I have always wanted to write my Thesis on some use of shipping containers in housing; I just struggled with the exact area of housing. After a lot of thought and realizing I wanted to study something that could serve a purpose to Auburn, I came up with this idea. We all know how much I love this place, so this topic has really put a spark under my rear to get moving and get this Thesis paper done. I have been spending about 10 hours at my desk for the past week skipping out on work yesterday to help some friends move and play at Sara's house. But I am back at it today and have a full week of work ahead, besides July 4th of course. I am hoping to be well on my way to being done in about two and a half weeks so, everyone please say a prayer and cross your fingers for me!

I will try to keep you all updated on what I am doing but I can't make any promises until this paper is completed, turned in and my presentation is over with. Like I said, cross your fingers for me!

Keep it loose, keep it tight.

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