Friday, August 30, 2013

Hidden Locals

Well, you are fully aware of my obsession with art. No need to hash that one out again. Here are some pictures from stumbling across an art studio hidden in downtown Opelika by artists who probably will never get any other publicity than this. Here's to the Hidden Locals....

The studio space

Wall art I would die for

One of my favorite pieces

I actually had to move several boxes from in front of this one

These are charcoal prints. Truly magnificent work for such a hard medium.

I swear I did not stage this picture.

A little installation art for your enjoyment

This next series of pictures is from an artist who dabbles in spray paint and "great stuff" as a medium. I was truly amazed.

He starts with templates:

Then spray paint and "great stuff"(for those who do not know what "great stuff" is, google it.)

And viola!

Of course I couldn't leave Andy out... Did you know he loved dachshunds too?

Now that I live in the Bay Area, I am thinking about collecting pictures of graffiti. I literally see great pieces passing by in the train everyday. I promise not to get in to street art, join a gang, and wear red or blue the rest of my life. Just admire and photograph from afar.

That's all folks.

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