Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Porter Ross's 7 Month Birthday

Is it my birthday??

After finding out Porter's prognosis, Sara and Michael decided to celebrate Porter's birthday every month. And we all know how much I love to throw parties...

So with the help of my family, we threw Porter Ross Heatherly a 7 Month Old Birthday Party. Of course, every little boy needs a top hat and mustache birthday bash:

Porter even had a mustache cake (which I made myself and afterwards, vowed to never bake again).

The expressions on this child's face all day every day are absolutely hilarious. I feel like he knows way more than we give him credit for.

Porter LOVES sweets. 

Sara and Michael are not fully aware of the things I feed Porter... He loves pudding (specifically chocolate), icing, cherry pie filling, and Wendy's frosties...

All of Porter's family and friends came to join us. We even had the sweet Mrs. Pat with us for Porter's birthday. 

Mr. John and Mrs. Pat Wingfield began as clients of Compass Construction and we all really just fell in love with them. When Sara went in to give birth, Mrs. Pat was in the hospital with lyme disease. Thankfully, Mrs. Pat is in full health and can be a wonderful part of Porter's life.

These Month Birthdays are turning out to be the best part of our routine. We are hoping to be able to celebrate as many as we can with our sweet little man.

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