Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Long time no see...

It has truly been too long. For several reasons. For you short attention span folk, here is the play-by-play:

Grad school is taking over my life.
Sara had a baby. His name is Porter.
Meghan and I went to a music festival.
I went back to work. It's turning out to be fowl.
Auburn Football sucks. No one was surprised.
I went to my first conference. I didn't fit in.
I am in over my head with my research.
Did I mention Sara had a baby and that he is perfect?

Take a look yourself:

This child has some serious long, blonde hair...

As we all expected, Sara doesn't even look like she had a child. She is actually smaller if that was even possible.

I will have to say, Porter Ross Heatherly has truly changed my life. He already thinks I am the coolest aunt. But let's be real, duh, of course I am. Due to school and work, I haven't gotten to spend as much time as I would like with him but I am adjusting to change that.

Meghan and I went to the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival in downtown Nashville a few weekends ago. Although we did not taste any of the food, the music was OUTSTANDING! Here are just a few bands we got to see:

The Lumineers
Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros
David Gray
Sheryl Crow
Greg Allman
The Zac Brown Band
John Mayer
Amos Lee

The Lumineeers:

Edward Sharpe (yes, he looks homeless...):

Zac Brown:

To say the least, it was an awesome weekend. Mainly because I got to spend it with this one..

You all are welcome for the laugh because Meghan is going to kill me.

I went back to work to design a custom home in Tallassee, AL. The family is great and I am happy to be working with them. However, other problems have sucked the luster from my first architect gig. I am hoping to figure out some logistics and gain back the luster. Everyone cross your fingers for me.

If anyone didn't hear, Auburn Football sucks. Big balls. No one here should be surprised. I most certainly was not. Meghan and I suffered through the Arkansas game. We promptly went to Moe's BBQ after to lick our wounds. If the Vandy game was not in Nashville, it would have been my first and last game. No worries, I am talking to my people about getting together the buyout money. In the mean time, I will be taking a pause from grad school to fill in as head coach.

I went to my first conference. I didn't fit in. I should get use to them though if I want to follow through with my career plans. Which brings me to my next point, I start job interviews Oct. 25th. So keep those fingers crossed.

Did you remember that I turn 24 tomorrow? My birthday this year is conveniently 10-11-12.... good luck or bad?

This years birthday will be celebrated with The Avett Brothers and Cass in Tuscaloosa. My wonderful father got us tickets. I will then celebrate with my family on Sunday by taking Gade Clay to the pumpkin patch and dinner at the farm. I call that a successful birthday.

Duff, grab your coat. We are going out.

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